Unity Scientific is able to offer a variety of products designed to solve a wide range of analytical needs in a large selection of market categories. Our core expertise rests in five areas that complement each other:

Many of our served markets require the testing capability of two or sometimes all three product segments in their organization and often times you can find them in the same lab. Each technology has its own center of excellence and dedicated staff of experts to ensure that your particular system and application performs as specified and as you require.

Near Infrared Analyzers

NIR (Near Infrared)

Our near infrared product line includes filter based units, monochromators, Diode Array, and FT-NIR systems that allows Unity to offer a system to solve virtually any testing requirement you may have for the lab, at-line, process or even field analysis. Our technical staff averages 20 years experience working with the technology covering every NIR company so they are extremely familiar with all the platforms. Unity can easily transfer a database from any brand NIR to one of our systems within minutes with the ability to continue expansion of that database.
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Clincal Chemistry Analyzers

Clinical Chemistry Analysis

High performance and easy to operate clinical chemistry analyzers specifically designed for the small to medium size laboratory. Fully automated systems that will provide a doctor’s office, small private lab, clinic, veterinary office or small hospital lab with quick results and simple operation.

Containment Systems

Containment Systems (Isolator and Ventilation Systems)

Ysebaert specializes in components for confinement systems designed to protect products and people. The systems can be used either to isolate a danger for the purposes of personal protection, or to isolate a vulnerable element so as to shelter it and protect it from its environment. Applications include Nuclear, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Chemical.

Automated Wet Chemistry - Sample Preparation

Automated Wet Chemistry & Sample Preparation

Our Wet Chemistry expertise resides within Westco Scientific Instruments and Alliance Instruments – both are pioneers in this area with the introduction of Discrete Chemistry Analyzers into the industrial market (non-clinical) and the modernization of a tried and true technology – continuous flow analysis. Our products represent the most advanced instruments available to cover any testing need for water, wastewater, sea water, soils & plants, feeds, tobacco, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods to name a few. Our sample preparation products are second to none and are workhorses in the lab helping to prep sample for analysis.
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Dairy Analyzers

Dairy Analysis

As part of the focus Unity places on food and dairy analysis – two products that specialize solely in the area of dairy analysis are the Cinac system used to characterize lactic starters and Optigraph that is used to determine ability of milk to coagulate. Both of these product offer a valuable analysis tool in the production of dairy products.