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Micromac 1000


Micromac 1000

Micromac 1000 portable monitorMicromac 1000 is an on-line portable analyzer that is available in mono or sequential multi parameter configuration providing the highest level of analytical automation based on combined colorimetric and fluorimetric analysis.

Micromac 1000 is the only available high sensitivity multi-parameter portable analyzer on the market. It utilizes the well known standard wet chemistry methods normally used in the lab. The analyzer can measure any type of water samples for a wide range of applications, including high sensitivity methods for nutrient analysis in seawater.

Sample analysis on the Micromac 1000 is easy and user friendly. An operator can run a sample by just selecting a two key function on the integrated keyboard. The system can run very complex analytical cycles fully automated and results are displayed in concentration units provided through the display or via the RS-232 port.

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