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About Unity

About Unity

Who we are

Unity Scientific, a KPM Analytics company,  is a leading provider of near infrared (NIR) analysis instrumentation, automated wet chemistry analyzers and grain rheology equipment. Our products are designed for superior quality, intuitive operation, and reliable performance and are relied on daily by global companies large and small to improve process control and increase production efficiency. 

Unity Scientific is headquartered in Milford, MA USA with another direct sales office in Weiler bei Bingen, Germany.  Our employees have deep knowledge in designing, manufacturing and supporting our technologies and average over 20 years in this field. Unity Scientific products are also supported and distributed by over 50 trained and experienced distributors worldwide. For a global map of our distributors, please see Global Representatives

Our History:

Unity Scientific 20012001:

Unity Scientific (Unity) was founded in 2001 by Doug Evans who recognized an opportunity to better address customer’s needs with an easier to use, more reliable and accurate Near Infrared (NIR) analyzer, at a competitive price point.  Designed to measure moisture, oil, protein and ash in flour, agricultural ingredients, chocolate and processed foods, these instruments were easy to implement, operate and maintain at-line or in the quality laboratory.

The SpectraStar 2200 Spinning Drawer (1100 to 2200 nm) was introduced, the first truly standalone NIR multi-constituent measuring device that eliminated the need for an external computer. Compact and rugged, it was ideal for the at-line process control environment, as well as quality control laboratories. The first office and manufacturing plant was opened in Beltsville, Maryland.


Unity continued to evolve its total solution approach building a technical support, service and field sales teams with proven industry expertise and knowledge.

With US and Canada as the primary region thus far, Unity expanded its distribution channels to serve a more global customer base by establishing partners in Mexico, Germany, Australia and Japan.


A new SpectraStar 2400 Spinning Drawer (1200 to 2400 nm) was introduced with extended wavelength to address customer’s needs in pet food, feed, forage and University applications expanding market opportunities in both the agriculture and food.

Unity Scientific 20042004:

Unity’s SpectraStar were soon sold to major Fortune 500 Companies such Pepsico, Mondelez, Nestle, ConAgra, ADM and Kellogg’s in the US and Canada, establishing a strong position in flour and food processing applications.

Distribution channels continued to expand to more than 15 countries worldwide. Australia dominated the flour milling market. Japan quickly penetrated several food processing markets, including soy. In Germany, a Unity European Center was established to support the expanding global presence.

The SpectraStar Olive Analyzer was launched in Greece where moisture and oil analysis was performed throughout the entire olive oil extraction process. An example of providing a simple and specific solution to a targeted customer.


A new easier to use SpectraStar RTW (Rotating Top Window) (1200 to 2400 nm) was introduced in 2005. Key features included easy to change sample cup adaptors for ease of maintenance plus varied sample cup sizes that allowed for a broader variety of customer applications in the feed and forage markets.

Global distribution continued to expand to over 30 countries as key account partnerships were established consisting of both Fortune 500 and small niche players alike.


As the company grew, a larger facility was soon needed and Unity headquarters were moved to Columbia, Maryland. Distribution channels were now in over 60 countries with further expansion throughout Asia.

Unity sold its 1,000th SpectraStar.


Two new extended wavelength models, the SpectraStar 2500 (RTW) (1100 to 2500 nm) and the SpectraStar 2500X (RTW) (680 to 2500 nm) were introduced to provide a broader offering necessary to further penetrate the feed and forage industries. The new models offered simple operation, sampling and software as well as enabling database and calibration transfers from FOSS units with the matching wavelengths.

Recognizing the customer need for data management systems and software plus compatibility with major brand instruments, Unity broadened its offering to include a new generation of software.


In 2008, Unity Scientific was purchased by Westco Scientific Instruments, a major player in the environmental and industrial markets providing automated wet chemistry instrumentation and sample preparation equipment since 1986. Unity and Westco stood side by side while operating independently until they merged in 2012.


Recognizing credibility and success in the analytics instrumentation world is dependent on industry expertise, technology innovation and the protection of intellectual property, Jerry Workman joined Unity in 2011. The Spectroscopy Development Group was formed to further differentiate Unity with technology breakthroughs in the increasingly competitive NIR landscape.

Unity Scientific 20122012:

The strategic decision was made to merge together Unity Scientific, LLC and Westco Scientific Instruments, Inc. to operate under the trade name of Unity Scientific. This merger made Unity Scientific one of the largest providers of NIR, Automated Wet Chemistry and Sample Preparation instrumentation in the analytical market with over 2,500 NIR spectrometers and 6,000 Wet Chemistry Analyzers installed worldwide.

Unity headquarters were relocated into a newly expanded facility in Brookfield, Connecticut.


Three new instruments, the SpectraStar 1400 XL (RTW) (1400 to 2500 nm), SpecraStar 2500 XL (RTW) (1100 to 2500 nm) and the SpectraStar 2500 XL-R (RTW)(680 to 2500 nm) were introduced in 2014. These configurations had new improved optics and InGaAs detectors, Windows 7, SSD, and R99 reference standardization, all advances to ensure repeatability, accuracy and enhance database transfer from FOSS.


Unity Scientific announced that KPM Analytics, a Union Park Capital group acquired the company as its first acquisition towards building a portfolio of well recognized brands in the food industry. Unity Scientific continues operating under the Unity brand, while Doug Evans continues as President.


The new SpectraStar XT series was introduced with a modern feel, ease of operation and is the best performing NIR instrument on the market today. The patent pending “True Alignment Spectroscopy” (TAS) technology eliminates drift allowing for repeatable, consistent results that customers can trust. The series has three models: 1400XT (1400 - 2600 nm), 2600XT (1100 - 2600 nm) and 2600 XT-R (680 - 2600 nm).

Starting in April, the Process Sensors Corporation (PSC), a KPM Analytics company headquartered in Milford, MA, began expansion and modernization efforts to accommodate administrative and production for both the PSC and Unity Scientific operating companies.

In July, the KPM Asia Pacific sales office opened, expanding efforts alongside the KPM operating company, Chopin Technologies.

Unity Scientific headquarters officially moves to the Milford in August.


June 2017, new R&D and Application Development laboratories opened in Milford to better solve our customer's tough application requirements.