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Unity Feed Analyzers

Unity Feed Analyzers

Unity Feed Analyzers

Reliable, Accurate Analytical Measurements of Finished Feed and Feed Ingredients At-line in 30 seconds!



In less than a minute, our NIR feed analyzer provides simultaneous results for moisture, protein, fat, fiber, starch, ash and other crucial parameters. Our Feed Analyzer is ideal for every step in the animal feed manufacturing process, including:

  • Raw material testing to guide proper animal feed ration formulation and supplementation (help with total mixed ration formulation, or TMR feed formulation)
  • Raw material testing to control meal formulation
  • Raw material testing to optimize least cost formulation
  • Monitoring and controlling mixers and optimizing the addition of liquid fat
  • Monitoring and controlling moisture levels in extruders and driers
  • Verifying production batch values and optimizing fat spraying on pellets
  • Verifying and documenting finished feed label claims

SpectraStar Feed AnalyzerAccurate At-line Measurements

The Unity Scientific Animal Feed Analyzer and similar Rendering Analyzer for byproducts are based on the SpectraStar® XT, the top performing near infrared analyzer on the market. The SpectraStar XT incorporates a rotating top window (RTW) system for the ultimate in sampling flexibility, allowing the customer to make measurements of all finished feed and feed ingredients—from cattle feed and pig feed, to chicken feed and other poultry feed.

Additionally, we understand how all feed is not created equal. Take poultry feed formulation for example. Broiler feed has a different nutritional profile that needs to be considered aside from layer feed formulation, or starter, breeder, etc. Our instruments allow feed manufacturers to fine tune recipes to suit all phases of life and types/use of animal!

INGOT Calibrations from Aunir

The Unity Feed Analyzer is powered by the INGOT® calibration package from Aunir®. This package includes a full suite of calibrations for finished feed and feed ingredients. Finished feed calibrations are available for poultry, swine/pig, ruminants, horses and fresh/saltwater fish, as well as a large range of feed concentrates. With calibrations for over 70 different ingredients, the INGOT calibration package covers virtually all ingredients used in a feed mill.

All INGOT calibrations are backed by Aunir's 30 years of experience in the field and comes with a performance guarantee. Calibration experts are on call to specifically tailor the calibrations to our customer's needs.

Optimized Feed and Increased Profits

The Unity Feed Analyzer is fast, allowing for 100% measurement of incoming ingredients and finished product for animal feed testing. These analytical datapoints form the basis for effective formulation based on your goals (least cost or total mixed ration) and result in more consistent feed and increased animal performance. The Unity Feed Analyzer for animal feed analysis allows for complete control of the mill, maximizing profits and providing fast payback and results.

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