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SO2 in Wine?
Posted: 02 February 2016 03:43 PM


A colleague of mine saw your booth at Unified Wine and said that you have a new SO2 method for the smartchem wine analyzer.  We are very interested in this method.  Does this work with all wine types even reds?  Can this method be used on an older smartchem?  We purchase ours in 2012. 

I would appreciate hearing more about this method.


Posted: 06 June 2017 04:23 PM   [ # 1 ]

Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, we have a method that measures SO2 in both red and white wines, and will work on all SmartChem Wine analyzers without modification. Please note that it is not compatible with a SmartChem 170 or 200.  Please contact our home office at 203-740-2999 and ask for our applications department for more information.

Best Regards,



Bob Schumann
Directory of Marketing and Product Management
Unity Scientific