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UCalibrate error on start
Posted: 07 August 2017 01:01 PM


I just got UCal and requested the license files.  I have put them in the UCal directory and UCal now opens correctly.  When I try to open UCalibrate to work on an SVF file I get an error :  “UCalibrate program is not available (740). 

I have put the Ucalibrate.lic file in the same directory.  What is the problem?


Posted: 07 August 2017 01:04 PM   [ # 1 ]

Hello Sam,

Most often this is a result of Windows privileges for operating the program.  We have seen this more frequently with Windows 10.

Please try this:  right click on the UCal icon and select “Run with Admin rights.”  UCalibrate should open correctly now.

Please reply to this not if you are still having problems.

Best regards,