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Excel Export Error
Posted: 01 June 2018 03:43 PM

Is there going to be an update in the future that will allow for exporting in xls format again? I don’t see any solution the following thread either back in March.

Run-Time error ‘3274’:
External table is not in the expected format.

Version 3.1.57
Windows 7 x64

Adam Kind
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Posted: 04 June 2018 10:55 AM   [ # 1 ]

Hello Adam,

AMS has the Excel export issue on the list for the next release. 

The Excel export issue is a compatibility issue with recent updates on Windows.  The work around for this issue is to export as a CSV file and open this directly with Excel.  All of the data should import correctly with this method.

Please try to export to a CSV format file.

Best regards,

Posted: 11 April 2019 01:33 PM   [ # 2 ]

Has there been an update for the software export issue yet?

I don’t see any updates for Smart Chem software on the Unity site.

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Posted: 14 June 2019 05:02 PM   [ # 3 ]

One year later can I just expect this is not going to be updated?


Posted: 24 July 2019 02:39 PM   [ # 4 ]

Hello Adam,

An updated executable file is available for version 57 of the SmartChem software that fixes this Excel export issue brought on my Windows Updates. Could you please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) so I may contact you directly with this updated file and procedure?

Thank you,
Unity Support