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Premier Food Analyzers at IFT18

Premier Food Analyzers at IFT18


Visit us at IFT18 in Chicago to see our premier analytical solutions for the food and ingredient industries!


SpectraStar XT Snack Food Analyzer

With the best performance in the industry, the SpectraStar XT is a robust, easy-to-use NIR analyzer for both laboratory and at-line environments in the food, agricultural and ingredient markets. Patented TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy technology automatically aligns the instrument to reference standards keeping it in peak accuracy.

The XT produces accurate, repeatable results in 30 seconds, measuring

SpectraStarXT Food Analyzer
  • Moisture
  • % seasoning
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Total sugar

and other properties from samples at any stage of the process.

The XT is available in ready-to-use analyzer packages for many food applications, pre-configured with robust calibrations and sample handling accessories for plug and play operation.


Disposable Liquid Sampling Accessory (DLSA)


Disposable Liquid Sample Accessory (DLSA)Designed for difficult to clean liquids and pastes, the DLSA uses disposable bags to make accurate and repeatable NIR measurements with no sample cleanup.  Applications for DLSA include fats and oils as well as meat pastes and gels. 

The DLSA uses an optical reflectance standard and a precision placment arm to provide a repeatable pathlength and reflectance substrate for the sample measurement.  THe result is a highly repeatable measurement and reliable analytical data with no sample clean-up. 

Also appearing at the show are the analyzers below from fellow KMP Analytics companies:

Process Sensors
NEW!  MCT469 On-Line Food Grade NIR Sensor from Process Sensors


Process Sensors will introduce the new IP69-rated MCT469-SF On-line Food Grade NIR Sensor, featuring an exceptionally rugged, sealed enclosure that withstands complete wash downs for years of reliable operation.

The new MCT469-SF provides accurate moisture and oil measurements in even the most demanding food processing applications, including potato chips, tortilla & corn chips, popcorn, extruded snacks, pretzels and more. 

  • Fast and efficient cleaning with less down time for Clean in Place (CIP) environments
  • Sanitary design - minimal niches for debris accumulation or microorganism ingress
  • Simple to use, easy to install and requires no routine maintenance or re-calibration

The MCT469-SF conforms to IP69-rating* with an enclosure that is completely dust tight and impenetrable by powerful and high temperature sprays at close range, making it ideal for wash-down or dusty conditions.


AMS Alliance
New Wireless iCinac probes from AMS Alliance


iCinac wirelessAMS Alliance will be presenting the iCinac Wireless, developed for dairy industries to monitor the acidifying activity of lactic ferments by continuous pH observation. This new, low cost wireless solution requires no data cables making it easy to deploy and scale. The flexible, modular & moveable system simplifies measurements using multi-parameter digital probes that simultaneously measure the pH, temperature and Redox potential of a sample on the same channel. Data is analyzed in real time by software installed on the customer's computer.


CHOPIN Technologies
RHEO F4 analyzer from CHOPIN Technologies


RHEO F4CHOPIN Technologies will be showcasing the RHEO F4 analyzer, which determines the characteristics of dough during the fermentation process. RHEO F4 measures the production and retention of carbon dioxide, as well as the volume and tolerance of the dough during proofing in a single test. The volume of the proofed product (breads, brioches…) depends on both the carbon dioxide production capacity from the yeast and the ability of the dough to retain this gas while it continues developing. These essential characteristics of dough proofing are evaluated and monitored with the Rheo F4.   


Unity Scientific IFT Prize

Discuss your application with our experts and receive a live demonstration at IFT18 Booth S-431. While you're there, test your knowledge for your chance to win an Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Show!

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