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Seawater Analysis


Seawater Analysis

Seawater analysisOcean health and the condition of our global marine ecosystems have come into sharper focus the the last several decades.  Careful monitoring of our oceans and specific costal areas have revealed changes in the nutrient and chemical composition of our oceans.  Additionally, environmental disasters such as oil spills and sewage or chemical runoffs can have lasting impacts on seawater composition and ocean health.  The oceans have a massive impact on our planet, from producing over half of the oxygen and serving as  carbon dioxide store to how it influences our weather and atmosphere.  Our oceans also function as a significant food source, with over 50 million tonnes of fish feeding billions of people every year.  Seawater analysis and monitoring plays a very important role in generating data that helps us protect this critical natural resource and sustainable fisheries. 

Seawater analysis consists of a variety of assays that assess nutritional and chemical content of the sample.  Many of these nutrients are at trace levels, and detecting and quantifying long term changes in the oceans requires the accurate and reliable analysis of many samples.  Scientists require instrumentation that is easy to operate, rugged and flexible enough to develop new methods and be able to expand detection ranges to meet their analysis needs. Low level detection in seawater is critical and the ability to take the analyzer on board ocean going vessels is essential.

Unity Scientific has been working with marine scientists and have ready to use solutions for these applications.  The SMARTCHEM® series of discrete analyzers and the Futura line of continuous flow analyzers offer reliable, accurate, unattended analysis and come standard with many EPA and Standard methods. Our systems are being used by universities and researchers across the globe in both laboratory settings and for shipboard analysis. Our commitment is to provide instrumentation that will help preserve one our most important nature resource – our oceans.

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