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Soils and Plants Analysis


Soils and Plants Analysis

Soil AnalysisSoil quality has an enormous influence on the vigor of the crop produced and the yield the farmer will obtain.  Improved crop genetics and farming practices have lead to increased yields each year, and the nutrient requirements for each crop have similarly put more pressure on the topsoil quality.  On today's modern farms, monitoring and maintaining soil quality has short term and long term consequences. 

It is equally important to ensure proper levels of nutrients in feed stocks and forages that are fed to livestock.  Optimizing rations towards a balanced nutritional profile maximizes production from expensive feeds and livestock.

Agricultural laboratories serve farmers by analyzing soil and feed samples and providing the analytical input required to make sound production decisions.  These data must be accurate, timely and cost-effective to be of use to the farmers.  Many laboratories have dedicated soil analyzers and water analyzers to help farmers comply with environmental regulations.

Unity Scientific has ready to use analytical solutions complete with EPA and Standard methods for these applications.  Analytes such as Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Total Phosphorous, Ortho-Phosphate and TKN are essential parameters for this type laboratory.  We have experience with many soil types as well as many agricultural crops and assays.  Our automated analyzers combine the latest technology in discrete analysis with an innovative, unique design that guarantees accurate and reproducible results.  Intuitive setup and unattended operation means that many samples can be analyzed for multiple components with minimal operator effort.  Unity automated analyzers are reliable and cost-effective instruments that provides automated analysis for any laboratory or budget.

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