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University / Research

Agricultural ResearchAgricultural laboratories in the University and Research sectors fulfil many important functions in our food production chain.  As public or research-centered orginizations, these facilities are often important resources for many other producers or investigators in a variety of fields or end-uses.  Often central labs are resources for many departments and graduate students completing diverse research projects. 

Forage analysis is one area where public universities have led the way in analyzing forages for nutritional content and utilizing these data for many important studies on optimizing rations for milk and feed cattle production.  Important wet chemistry methods for compositional analysis and mineral content have come from these efforts, and many universities and extension services provide testing services to local farmers and producers. 

Soil testing is another area where universities and extension services often have the expertise and technology to test samples for local farmers, businesses and property owners.

University ResearchMany universities and research facilities also do important testing that supports plant breeding and crop improvement efforts.  These laboratories generate critical data that are used to make decisions leading to improved lines and varieties.

The demands of these facilities are often broad and extensive, while in many cases the funding is more difficult to secure.  The instrumentation must be rugged and reliable to minimize support costs and efforts, while also being intuitive and flexible to serve a variety of users in a multitude of applications.

Unity is pleased and proud to work with these facilities providing such critical services to the environmental and agricultural areas.  We have put together special packages for automated wet chemistry analyzers and NIR analyzers that are specially designed for flexibility and ease of use for these laboratories.  These University packages are specially discounted and only available to approved public / private universities and research organizations.  Please fill out the form below if you would like more information Unity solutions for the University and Research organizations.

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