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2019 Unity Trade-in Offer

2019 Unity Trade-in Offer

How much can you save?

SpectraStar XT


Upgrade to the next generation SpectraStar™ XT. Industry leading performance and loaded with features for easy and reliable operation. 

Ready for your production floor or quality laboratory
  • TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy (TAS) technology for easy alignment and maintenance of the instrument calibration
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Sealed case for operation at line or in difficult environments
  • Precalibrated or ready for calibration transfers from other instrument platforms
Free 6 month networking trial

Easily manage all of your NIR instruments directly from any PC, anywhere at any time with Unity's new CommUnity™ Networking and Support Suite.  

Access Qualitative conformity calibrations

Create high performing, custom calibrations for product conformity determination or detection of adulterants with the new UCal 4™ Custom Calibration Software. 

Now is the time to upgrade

Upgrade now and avoid expensive downtime and costly repairs from discontinued platforms and obsolete parts. The SpectraStar XT has improved reliability and is made in the USA from the highest quality materials.

Trade-in discounts available now for Unity Spinning Drawer, RTW and XL systems as well as select competitor NIR analyzers from Bruker, FOSS and Perten.

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