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Smartchem 450 and 600 Trade-in Offer

Smartchem 450 and 600 Trade-in Offer

Your old analyzer is worth $$$!Smartchem 450

Upgrade now to a new AMS Alliance Smartchem 450 or 600 and take advantage of special savings on the latest technlogy.

Both the Smartchem 450 and Smartchem 600 offer:

  • Direct transfer of your actual EPA methods
  • Updated National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC), EPA-compliant software
  • Enhanced productivity with higher capacity, throughputs and automated dilution processes
  • Lowest cost per sample with low reagent use and no disposable cuvettes
  • Reagent and sample barcode for traceability
  • Smartchem 600Better performance with quartz cuvettes, wash cycle management and more

The Smartchem 600 adds additional capacity with the highest throughput or any discrete analyzer available in the environmental and wine markets.  


Trade in your Smartchem 170 or 200 and receive 10% off, plus an extra year of warranty!
Don’t have a Smartchem? Trade-in offers available on select competitor instruments.*

Upgrade to the leading direct-read discrete analyzers and get:

  • Lower running cost with no disposable cuvettes
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced waste and low consumables
  • Higher capacity and productivity

*Contact us for your trade-in proposal.

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