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Calibration Transfer Software Released

Calibration Transfer Software Released

Purcellville, VA – January, 2006 – Unity Scientific, Inc., a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced a state-of-the-art software package titled TransStar™. The patented TransStar software suite allows databases from monochromator based systems to be easily transferred from virtually any manufacturer of NIR instrumentation to the Unity SpectraStar system. TransStar uses a unique spectral matching algorithm to move these databases to the SpectraStar. Once a database has been transferred to the SpectraStar, additional data can be continually added to make calibrations even more robust. With only a small number of transfer samples measured on both systems, the database transfer can be completed within a few minutes.

With TransStar, it is not necessary to go through all the costly, time consuming steps of re-creating an entire database from scratch when purchasing a new modern NIR analyzer. In just a few minutes, a database that took years to create can be easily transferred to the new SpectraStar. TrassStar is the only software available specifically designed to allow a user to transfer their own database quickly, and be able to add data after the transfer to expand calibrations.

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