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Amylab FN


Amylab FN

Amylab FNThe Amylab FN detects sprout damage in grain and measures the alpha-amylase activity of flours. 


The Amylab FN uses the traditional Hagberg falling number method or a new, faster Testogram measurment to measure the alpha-amylase activity of flours:

Hagberg falling number:

Measures the amount of time it takes for a stirrer to pass through, a starch sample formed by the gelatinization of a liquid flour suspension under the effect of its own weight. The Amylab FN applies the principles of the Hagberg method while using innovative technologies. This guarantees that users will obtain the same results as with traditional instruments. 

Testogram rapid testing method:

Measures the viscosity of a gel made of flour and water that is agitated for 90 seconds at a constant temperature of 100°C. After obtaining this measurement, the Amylab FN accurately predicts the Hagberg falling number. It is, on average, 66% faster than the Hagberg method, saving time and increasing throughput.

Increased Operator Safety

The Amylab FN uses no boiling water and no glassware, two major sources of workplace injury in competitive falling number analyzers.  An induction heating system replacing the hot water bath: no boiling water and no evaporation. Aluminum tube preventing cuts from broken glass while improving food safety by eliminating the risk of glass contamination in your products. 


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