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Rheo F4


Rheo F4

Rheo F4 AnalyzerRheo F4 measures the characteristics of dough during proofing.


The volume of finished products depends on both the quantity of CO2 produced by the yeast and the dough’s gas-retaining properties.  Both are complex processes that depend on the quantity and quality of starch, enzymes and the glutenin network.

The Rheo F4 provides a complete analysis of the proofing properties flours by measuring the production of CO2, the volume of dough, as well as its porosity and tolerance during proofing.  The information collected includes:

  • Dough development
  • Yeast gas production
  • Dough prosity / permeability
  • Dough tolerance during proofing


The Rheo F4 can be used to characterize yeast, flours and the effect of additives to your dough mixes and frozen doughs to ensure consistent end product quality.  Specific applications include:

  • Determination of the optimum baking time.
  • Monitoring the activity of fresh and dried yeasts.
  • Analysis of complete formulas containing sugar, fats, etc.
  • Analysis of high fiber recipes.
  • Analysis of durum wheat semolina.
  • Analysis of the effects of additives such as cysteine, ascorbic acid, vitamins, etc.
  • Optimize gluen-free dough recipes

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