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SDmatic starch damage analyzerThe SDmatic measures the amount of starch damage of flour in less than 10 minutes.


The SDmatic is a fully automated testing system that produces a reliable measurement of starch damage in flour in less than 10 minues.  Starch damage is the result of many factors including hardness, milling conditions, and tempering.  Each final bakery or dough product has an optimum level of starch damage for consistent quality. Starch damage analysis is an important quality test for millers and bakers.

The SDmatic is based on the amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles) and uses only 1g of flour. The SDmatic measures iodine absorption in a diluted flour suspension. How fast the iodine is absorbed by the starch depends on how damaged it is.


There are a wide variety of applications for the SDmatic.  Some common ones are:

For Millers:

  • Control flour quality of blends
  • Monitor flour quality of different streams
  • Check the settings of mills (rolls, parallelism, wear)

For Bakers:

  • Control the consistency of your flours (hydration rate, proofing, behavior during the process) and the quality of finished products (aspect and taste qualities)
  • Improve dough yield by adjusting the hydration rate of flours.

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