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Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)


NIR Made Easy™

SpectraStar XT

Advanced near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology based on the TRUE NIR™ concept makes Unity Scientific’s next-generation products robust, reliable, and consistently accurate.

Unity’s offering includes near infrared (NIRS) bench-top and at-line analyzers for agricultural, food, beverage, meat, dairy, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples. Unity offers a broad range of calibrations so you can start analyzing immediately, we can also easily transfer your existing calibrations from other brand systems in a matter of minutes with the ability to continue expansion of your database.  For unique or proprietary products, Unity will assist you in developing a custom calibration.

Unity’s UCal™ software can transfer an NIR database from other major brand instruments, including FOSS® and NIRSYSTEMS®, Perstorp, Bran+Luebbe® with ease.

NIR At-Line / Lab

The SpectraStar™ family of Near Infrared Analyzers (NIR) offers high performance and full flexibility for rapid analysis of unground, partially ground, or ground samples as well as liquids and slurries.

NIR Software

Unity Scientific NIR software packages are specifically designed for supporting the NIR analysis of natural products.

Analyzer Packages

Unity Scientific NIR Analyzer packages are ready to go complete solutions for specific applications and industries.  Analyzers packages come complete with all the calibrations and accessories needed to properly analyze the specified products.

Unity Care

Unity Care is our Customer Support portal designed to provide immediate access to help and support materials that allows our customers to get maximum value from their Unity Solutions. 

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