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Potato Analyzer


Potato Analyzer

The Unity Potato Analyzer is a ready to use complete solution for analyzing potato products in a potato processing plant.

Versatile Analyzer

The Potato analyzer is ideal for analyzing samples at various stages in the potato processing plant including:

  • Incoming raw potato testing for moisture and quality
  • Monitoring of moisture levels in cook and processing steps
  • Monitoring and controlling coatings and fat content
  • Monitoring oil quality
  • Verifying production batch values against targets

Fast, Accurate Analysis

The Unity Potato Analyzer is based on the SpectraStar Analyzer, a high-performance NIR analyzer ready for at-line or laboratory use.  Samples are analyzed in 30 seconds, providing immediate analytical inputs for controlling the process.  Constituents predicted include moisture and other quality measurements on incoming and in-process potatoes as well as fat in batter coatings and FFAs and other quality measurements on frying oils.

Ready to Use

Unity Processed Potato calibrations are included with the Unity Potato Analyzer, along with free calibration support for the first year to ensure that the calibrations are matched and accurate for your particular products.

Increased Profits

Qualifying incoming ingredients and monitoring in-process samples will increase production efficiency, reduce rework and waste and increase profits.

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