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CommUnity™ Networking


CommUnity™ Networking

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Drive down production costs and improve product quality with the CommUnity Networking Suite


The CommUnity advanced suite of digital tools and expert support enables remote management of all of your NIR instruments directly from any PC, anywhere at anytime. CommUnity supports single or multiple instrument installations, securely providing the resources and support needed to obtain the maximum value from your NIR analyzers.

CommUnity makes it easy to ensure all of your NIR analyzers are in full compliance with SOPs and providing accurate, reliable data regardless of location or local expertise.

What can CommUnity do for you?





The intuitive CommUnity Dashboard is a browser-based program that provides complete visibility to product configuration, sample data and diagnostic results from any internet connected computer. The Dashboard provides complete visibility to your network to oversee daily operations and enforce compliance remotely. 

Simplified local operation

Once an instrument is connected to a CommUnity network, local teams are only responsible for sample analysis and routine diagnostics, simplifying operation and reducing training requirements. New operators can be trained in 15 minutes with confidence that the instrument will provide reliable, operator-independent results. 

Get new instruments up and running faster

Simply create an invitation file from the CommUnity Dashboard and open the file on your SpectraStar™ NIR instrument. Complete product configurations will be delivered from the cloud, and in seconds, the instrument is ready for operation.

Secure core instrument settings to prevent local tampering

With centrallized administration, local teams are not responsible for instrument configuration and calibration. 

Industry-leading security

CommUnity Networking Suite

Secure hosting with no it overhead

Your private CommUnity Network is hosted in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud, with advanced security protocols and redundant backups for data security and integrity. During operation, all instrument sample and diagnostic data are automatically uploaded to CommUnity for easy instrument monitoring, data analysis and product validation - from anywhere - without operator intervention. 


Your experts or ours

The standard CommUnity subscription provides all the tools needed to manage your NIR program including:

  • Product configuration and management
  • Remote access to sample data and reports
  • Remote access to diagnostic data
  • Unlimited dashboard user accounts
  • Instrument disaster recovery
  • Complete backup of all network data

CommUnity PLUS adds expert Unity assistance to configure and manage your network.


Save time and money

Find out how CommUnity can help you drive down production costs and improve product quality with remote verification and control!

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