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Data Manager Reporting Software


Data Manager Reporting Software

Data Manager is a custom reporting tool for InfoStar Routine Analysis Software.


Data Manager is a program designed to complement the data management tools found in the InfoStar Software operating the first generation SpectraStar 2400, 1400 XL and 2500 XL analyzers.

The Data Manager automatically imports data from your SpectraStar and imports the data into an SQL database. A report generator and customized report templates allow the user to create COAs, trend charts, summaries, or virtually any type of report. A built in customer manager function allows the user to pull in customer contact information to the report for custom report generation to customers or suppliers.

The Data Manager features include:

  • Automatic import of InfoStar or other NIR data
  • Sample management imported samples including editing sample number, comment and User Information Fields
  • Traceable archive of data and slope / intercept corrections in place when the sample was analyzed
  • Customer manager feature allows managment of a list of customers or contacts and placing them on reports
  • Custom report creation and export to Excel, PDF, Word or text formats
  • Standard report templates and 2 free customized reports

The Data Manager program allows you to create Certificates of Analysis, summary analyses or other reports for customers, suppliers or colleages directly from your NIR sample data, eliminating manual steps and transcription mistakes.

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