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UCal 4™ Custom Calibration Software


UCal 4™ Custom Calibration Software

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Get the most from your NIR applications.


Easy, Efficient Calibration Development

UCal 4™ includes all of the tools needed for creating your own qualitative and quantitative chemometric models. Now custom food, agricultural and industrial calibrations can be developed quickly and easily for rapid deployment to your SpectraStar™ NIR analyzers for improved accuracy and increased profitability.

Reliable Detection of Bad Products

Don't allow non-conforming samples to go unnoticed. New qualitative analysis tools in UCal 4 can be used to develop conformity calibrations that are configured together with quantitative models for a complete product analysis in 30 seconds.

  • Reliable product conformity analysis

  • Detection of out of specification product, mis-identified ingredients or adulterants

Fast Implementation and Deployment

UCal 4 includes current and powerful chemometric algorithms in an easy to use package.  Novices and experts alike can create reliable, high performance calibrations ready for deployment in a CommUnity™ network or directly on a SpectraStar analyzer.  





Easy-to-use, Intuitive Interface
  • Many new and enhanced graphical displays for easy interpretation of complex data and statistical relationships.

  • New project manager provides rapid access and simplified file management across multiple project and applications.

  • New population structuring section automatically selects the most unique and important samples for your calibrations, optimizing the cost of reference analyses and improving calibration robustness. 

New Powerful Qualitative Models

UCal 4 includes five chemometric algorithms and a built-in independent validation analysis for rapid determination of the best classification parameters. The resulting conformity models can be configured in parallel with quantitative models for simultaneous good product and compositional analysis using your Unity SpectraStar analyzers. 


UCal 4 NIR Validation
New Quantitative Regression Options

For quantitative calibrations, UCal 4 adds new regression options to the classic PLS, providing calibration developers with a complete toolbox to optmize calibrations for any product or application. 

  • Variance scaled PLS is now available and provides improved performance and more robust predictions from most applications. 
  • A new locally weighted regression algorithm has been added which delivers extremely accurate predictions from large, diverse or non-linear calibration sets. 
  • New batch processing system which allows for an automated evaluation of standard calibration parameters for a rapid and thorough optimization of data sets. 

Familiar Features


While UCal 4 is a completely new program from the ground up, it still retains the popular features from UCal 3 including the Minimization file to reduce unwanted variation in calibration sets and the patented Condense algorithm to remove unwanted redundancy from large databases for efficient and effective calibration updates.

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A UCal training class is offered in our Milford, MA USA headquarters as well as in our office in Germany. The course is 2 1/2 days and covers all aspects of NIR calibration development and validation. A more detailed description is available in the brochure. On-site training is also available. 

See Events for upcoming classes.

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