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The Optigraph automatically measures renneting ability and characteristics of milk.


The Optigraph is designed to measure renneting ability, coagulation characteristics, formation of curd and firmness in milk using near infrared technology—all in real time.

Simple, easy to use and repeatable, Optigraph is a unique instrument designed specifically to control the renneting ability of milk. Based on Near Infrared technology, and fully computerized, it makes this type of control much easier and reliable. The Optigraph is used by dairy industries, both in Research as well as Quality control, Optigraph allows you to better monitor your process (Milk standardisation, milk quality…).

The Optigraph was developed in partnership with the INRA (LGMPA / G. CORRIEU) by AMS Alliance, on the request of ARILAIT, who was looking for a new type of analyzer to replace the old and obsolete technology from the Formagraph. The selected solution is a simple system, fully automated, and dedicated to simultaneous control of coagulation of 10 milk samples.


Based on the measurement of Near Infrared signal, the Optigraph makes the calculation in real time of all the parameters required for the process: coagulation time, firmness evolution, optimum curd cutting time, organization speed.

  • Up to 10 samples can be measure simultaneously using 10 mL cuvettes.
  • Temperature control of the cuvettes can be set between 25° to 45°C.
  • Auto calibration cycle before each test ensures the quality and reliability of the data.

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