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Futura 3


Futura 3

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Futura 3 Continuous Flow AnalyzerThe Futura 3 is an advanced continuous flow analyzer ready for both simple and complex analyses.


The Futura 3 is the lastest in the Futura line of continuous flow analyzers and can be summarized by three points:  capacity, automation and modularity.

  • Coupled with an auto-sampler XYZ (up to 720 positions), its sample throughput can reach 120 samples/hour.
  • Its operating is fully automated, including for the most complex chemistries.
  • Its modularity is exemplary; you can use it with up to 16 channels in parallel in order to multiply simultaneous analyses. Very practical, you will also benefit from an easy analytical manifold change over

The Futura 3 comes complete with new analytical software for easy and intuitive calibration and routine operation.  Multiple path length flow cells (10 mm to 1 m) are available for a wide variety of analytical ranges and use with many reference methods. 

The Futura 3 has the following new features:

  • New large color screen
  • New three-speed high precision peristaltic pump
  • Fully automated instrument
  • Choose between micro flow, macro flow or combine them both

Futura 3 is a must have for measuring phenols, cyanides, detergents, total phosphorus, total nitrogen and many other parameters.

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