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SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzer

SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzer

SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzer


The SpectraStar XT series of NIR analyzers offers industry leading performance and reliability in rugged, easy to use instrument.


The SpectraStar XT is designed for today's manufacturing enviroments, where ease of use, reliability and performance are critical to the success of an analytical solution. 

Easy Analysis

The SpectraStar XT is designed for easy operation at line, and a simple touch of a finger starts your analysis with the results displayed approximately 30 seconds later.  Graphical displays and SPC charts put the analytical data in context for positive process control.  Intuitive operation with minimal training requirments means flexibility on the plant floor.

Market Leading Performance to 2600 nm

The SpectraStar XT have performance specifications equal or better to every other instrument in the market, and an extended scan range to 2600 nm provides more information than other analyzers.  High quality raw data and extended scan range allows you to get the best information from your NIR instrument.

Reliable Operation

SpectraStar XTs use True Alignment™ Spectroscopy technology to automatically calibrate the instrument to certified standards.  Automated routines ensure that your analyzer is always operating according to factory specfications.  Every operator can reliably validate proper instrument function.

Rugged Design

The SpectraStar XT is built with a sealed case for durable operation in at-line process environments.  There is no fan filters or water cooling to replace or break down.  The SpectraStar XTs are designed for years of reliable operation with only lamp replacements and minimal maintenance.

Quality Built-in

All SpectaStar XTs are built in the USA from USA sourced components when possible.  Key components are also made in Germany and Japan.  Quality components deliver superior performance and reliability, adding value to your analytical investiment.

Superior Value

The SpectraStar XT analyzers deliver real value to the customer by reliably producing accurate data where you can use it.  Positive process controls decisions can be made which will increase the efficiency of production and reduce out of specification product.

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