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Unity Food Analyzer

Unity Food Analyzer

Unity Food Analyzer

Reliable, Accurate Measurements of Food Products At-line in 30 seconds!



Fast, accurate analysis is critical for food processors and manufacturers to optimize their process and insure quality. Optimizing the process will save the plant time and money and provide very rapid payback. 


Unity Scientific has hundreds of successful instruments placed in food factories around the world. Applications include crackers, chips, dried fruits, baked goods, snack foods, confectionery, cereals and many others.  Constituents analyzed include moisture, oil/fat, protein, fibers, sugar and more!


Unity calibration specialists have created hundreds of starter calibrations for many food products that provide new installations with a quick start. Unity calibration experts will help optimize the calibrations to your unique products, ensuring the highest accuracy possible. All calibrations include 1 year of free calibration support.

At-Line Ready

SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzer

The Unity Food Analyzer has a sealed case with no air filter or fan and is robust enough to use at-line or in a laboratory.  At-line placement near mixers or ovens allow for rapid measuments and immediate feedback to control the process. 


The Unity Food Analyzer is based on the SpectraStar XT, the top performing NIR analyzer on the market.  All Unity Scientific instrument are Made in the USA from the highest quality components for reliable peformance year after year. 

Quick Payback

Fast, accurate analysis is critical for food manufacturers to optimize their process, minimize re-work, and ensure quality of finished products and by-products. Optimizing the process will save the plant time and money and provide very rapid payback.

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Unity Scientific has helped hundreds of food manufacturers around the world optimize their processes, improve quality and maximize quality profits.  Please fill out the form below to learn more.

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