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Oilseed Processor Uses SpectraStar™ to Make the Most of its Product

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Oilseed Processor Uses SpectraStar™ to Make the Most of its Product

The SpectraStar™ 2600XT-R is a research-grade near infrared transmitter that is equally at home in a laboratory or in difficult at-line environments. Take this oilseed processing lab, for example. An innovative client of ours is maximizing the benefits of the XT right from a transformed shipping container! 

Their converted laboratory—complete with built-in generator—is anchored by Unity’s state-of-the-art NIR analyzer optimized for the analysis of ground and unground natural products. Robust enough to be used both at-line or in the lab, the analyzer is a valuable tool to control every step in the oilseed processing plant from incoming expeller to export certificate of analysis (COA). 

This particular consumer is involved in pressing a variety of seeds—including rosehip seeds, baobab seeds, macadamia seeds, marula seeds, moringa seeds and more—for their oils and the by-products are then also sold to the feed industry. 

The company purchases seed, which is then milled and separated, kernel from husk. Only the kernel is pressed, and the husk is discarded. Once the kernel is pressed, they end up with pressed cake and oil.  

NIR analysis is useful in the following ways: 

  1. Incoming seed is initially tested to understand starting oil content.  
  2.  They then sieve out the kernel from husks. Both the kernel meal and the waste husk are tested for oil content 
  3. The kernel meal is pressed to extract the oil, and the pressed cake is tested for residual oil left in the cake to optimize the oil extraction. 
  4. Lastly, they want to test the oil for its PV (peroxide value), which is useful for assessing the extent to which spoilage or oxidation of the oil has advanced.  

Their NIR testing produces quantitative results for multiple parameters in order to use raw materials more efficiently, ensure final product quality and consistency, and optimize processes along the way to improve margins and profits. 

This contemporary company has obviously mastered the versatility of the high-performance SpectraStar XT. This easy-to-use and easy-to-manage instrument can provide precise results in just 30 seconds, with no sample prep and no waste. Contact us for more information on how it can improve your application!