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2014 NIR Meeting, Lethbridge Alberta

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2014 NIR Meeting, Lethbridge Alberta

Lethbridge, AB March 14, 2014   Bethany Steevens, Arnold Eilert and Paolo Berzaghi were three of the participants in the NIR meeting entitled "Near infrared (NIR) technology and other approaches to lower feed cost in beef cattle production."  The meeting featured experts in the fields of animal nutrition and NIR analysis of feeds and forages for beef cattle producers.  Over 140 attendees listened and attended the workshop.

Bethany Steevens presented the Unity Feed Analyzer and Paolo Berzaghi presented "Improved TMR feeding through the use of near infrared in feed and forage analysis" and participated in the "Ask the experts" discussion.  Arnold Eilert hosted a Unity Users meeting and discussed instrument operation and data management.  This a lot of exciting and innovative developments happening in Alberta and Unity Scientific is very pleased to be part of it. 

Two of the organizers of the meeting, Mary Lou Swift and Tim McAllister, were featured in this The Western Producer article recounting highlights of the workshop.