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Banff Pork Seminar Sponsorship

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Banff Pork Seminar Sponsorship

Brookfield, CT, December 2012 – Unity Scientific, a global leading supplier of Near Infrared (NIR) equipment and manufacturer of the popular Unity Feed Analyzer, announces that it is a proud financial sponsor of the Banff Pork Seminar to be held at the Banff Centre for Conferences in Banff, Alberta, Canada on January 15th – 17th , 2013. The Banff Pork Seminar is celebrating its 42nd year and has focused heavily on providing the attendees with current trends and status on production, trade, financials and other market challenges that face the industry today. Unity will participate at the seminar with an exhibit booth that will highlight their versatile Feed Analyzer that is based in Near Infrared technology and utilizes INGOT calibrations for feed ingredients and finished feeds from Aunir. The package contains a complete suite of swine feed calibrations that are loaded on the instrument and ready to start performing analysis.

The Unity Scientific Feed Analyzer package is a complete, ready to use system that is in cooperation with Aunir offering their well know NIR calibrations and global technical support. Aunir is based in the UK and has more than 30 years experience developing and maintaining NIR calibrations with a feed database that consists of over 350,000 samples. The Unity Scientific SpectraStar NIR (Near Infrared Analyzer) comes pre-calibrated with the INGOT calibration for Feed Ingredients and Finished Feed and offers a scanning range of 1200 – 2400 nm in the near infrared region. Also included in the package is a 6 month trial of the SPECMAN quality control software that is designed to collate, store, trend, interpret and report the data allowing for decisions to be made at every step of the process from incoming raw ingredients to finished product.

“The introduction of the Feed Analyzer offers customers in the Swine Industry the ability to purchase this package and start running samples immediately “, comments Doug Evans, President of Unity Scientific.“The feed market has been using NIR for many years to attain quick results to control their process and Unity is proud to have assembled a truly unique offering by partnering with Aunir. Their INGOT calibrations and global support are second to none. In addition, the SpectraStar system has established itself as one of the leading instruments designed for rugged environments, reliability and its ease of use. Unity has the most experienced staff in the NIR industry with our technical and sales group averaging 20 years working and supporting NIR analyzers. Our unparalleled level of expertise and the new Feed Analyzer package will provide customers with a powerful solution to replacing existing instruments or to those who might just be starting to use NIR”, further adds Evans. The Unity Scientific Feed Analyzer is supplied complete with instrument, pre-loaded calibrations, sample cups along with installation and training. The calibration package covers 73 feed ingredients/raw materials and 32 finished feed types with guaranteed performance. The SpectraStar RTW near infrared instrument comes with a three year warranty and the SPECMAN quality control software from Aunir is provided for a 6 month free trial.

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