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Dr. Paolo Berzaghi Presents at VDLUFA Congress

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Dr. Paolo Berzaghi Presents at VDLUFA Congress

Stuttgart Germany, June 2014  Dr. Paolo Berzaghi and Unity Scientific GmbH Present at VDLUFA Congress at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany.  For 126 years, the VDLUFA holds yearly their conference at places where agriculture history was written.  About 300 registered attendees participated at the conference and many suppliers took the opportunity to present their newest products.

Unity Scientific GmbH is a well-recognized supplier of NIR technology for this group. A typically LUFA laboratory is running several thousands of samples a year. Understandable that the SmartSampler is of highly interest of such labs. Such labs are also very concerned about how they could make sure their large data base will be transferred to the replacing platform. Our experienced expert in chemometric issues Prof. Paolo Berzaghi was holding a presentation in front of an interested auditorium of about hundred guests how to transfer successfully huge data bases collected during the last 20 years to Unity Platform.

Doug Evans, president of Unity Scientific, joined this event and also met also the president of VDLUFA. It was a quit interesting discussion about forage and feed market and all agreed this kind of segment meetings are of high strategic value for all involved.

The photo above shows Paolo Berzaghi, University Padua, Doug Evans, Unity Scientific and Doris Krieg, LUFA Nossen to discuss how to transfer data bases from older Foss systems to Unity Platform.