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SpectraStar™ XL Spectrometers Introduced

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SpectraStar™ XL Spectrometers Introduced

Brookfield, CT – Unity Scientific, a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced the SpectraStar XL series of NIR spectrometers. The SpectraStar XLs represent a significant upgrade to the popular SpectraStar line of stand-alone analyzers.  The SpectraStar XLs will be available separately as well as  incorporated into the Unity Scientific line of dedicated analyzer packages.

The SpectraStar XL analyzers have a number of major upgrades including:
• New dual-state InGaAs detectors for improved sensitivity and increased signal to noise ratio
• Improved optical elements for increased throughput and upper wavelength performance
• Improved reference assembly for better reproducibility
• Upgraded embedded PC with Windows® 7, fast Intel® Atom™ processor and Solid State Drive
• 17” touch screen monitor

The SpectraStar XLs will be offered in three models:
• SpectraStar 1400XL (1400 – 2500nm in static and rotating window versions)
• SpectraStar 2500XL (1100 – 2500nm)
• SpectraStar 2500XL-R (680 – 2500nm research grade spectrometer)

“The SpectraStar XL series brings state of the art performance to the popular and easy to use SpectraStar analyzer series,” states Dr. Jerry Workman, EVP Research and Engineering. “The SpectraStar XL is a truly high-performance analyzer that is ready for at-line analysis.”

For more information, please see the Unity Scientific website.

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