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SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzers Introduced

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SpectraStar XT NIR Analyzers Introduced

Brookfield, CT – Unity Scientific, a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced the SpectraStar XT series of NIR spectrometers.  The SpectraStar XT analyzers represent a generational change in the Unity Scientific NIR model line, with many new technologies and components including:

  • True Alignment™ Spectroscopy (TAS) Instrument calibration and monitoring system for precise instrument calibration and validation
  • Graphical, touch screen driven UScan routine operation software for intuitive operation
  • New controller board, InGaAs detector, grating drive motor and high resolution encoder for outstanding performance
  • Made in USA from USA sourced parts where possible for quality and reliability

The SpectraStar XT is an easy to use, at-line ready analyzer with the best performance in the market.

The SpectraStar XTs are offered in three models:

  • SpectraStar 1400 XT (1400 – 2600nm in static and rotating window versions)
  • SpectraStar 2500 XT (1100 – 2600nm)
  • SpectraStar 2500 XT-R (680 – 2600nm research grade spectrometer)

Ready to use pre-calibrated analyzers packages are also available for many applications.

“The new SpectraStar XT is the performance leading NIR spectrophotometer and the next leap in NIR technology,” states Dr. Jerry Workman, EVP Research and Engineering.  “It is built with True Alignment™ Spectroscopy, making it the gold standard instrument with unmatched convenience and reliability. It is the first commercial NIR instrument with a scanning range to 2600 nm providing more information for research applications.   We are extremely proud to introduce this new advanced instrument to the NIR community!”

Doug Evans, president, explained further, “I have been involved with NIR for 37 years.  TAS is a game changer.  To truly have all NIR systems be alike has been our ultimate goal.  This will tremendously reduce support needs and costs for our customers.”

Click here to download the press release.