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Unity Scientific and CHOPIN Technologies to Showcase Analytical Instrumentation Portfolio at  AACCI

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Unity Scientific and CHOPIN Technologies to Showcase Analytical Instrumentation Portfolio at AACCI

San Diego, CA, (October 2, 2017) – Unity Scientific and CHOPIN Technologies, both KPM Analytics companies, will present their advanced solutions for predicting flour composition and quality that support optimization of the milling process, increasing yields and profitability at the AACC International Annual Meeting, Cereals 17, booth #214-215 October 8th – 11th.

Ahead of the show, please join us at our Technology meets Productivity reception and press conference to learn about increasing productivity by using precise ash prediction to optimize milling and the Testogram method for rapid Hagberg falling number prediction.

Our experts, Bob Schumann, Director of Product Management and Marketing, Unity Scientific and Grégory Véricel, Marketing Director, CHOPIN Technologies will be on hand. RSVP is appreciated at or

Unity Flour AnalyzerIn booth #214-215, Unity Scientific will be demonstrating the Unity Flour Analyzer that increases productivity and efficiency with accurate and reliable results in 30 seconds measuring protein, ash, moisture and other properties from white flour, whole wheat flour and by-products. The Flour Analyzer delivers ash predictions with a standard error below 0.02%, allowing millers to optimize the milling process, increasing yield and profitability. The Flour Analyzer comes complete with calibrations and sample accessories providing near turnkey operations.

CHOPIN Technologies will showcase their suite of products that improve efficiencies through accurate and reliable measurements. Live demonstrations will be held throughout the show of the AMYLAB FN, a revolutionary technology that is the safest, fastest, and simplest solution for detection sprouted grains. Also highlighted will be the ALVEOLAB with unmatched accuracy for the measurement of visco-elastic properties and, the MIXOLAB, for measuring the characteristics of dough mixing and the quality of protein and starch.

AMYLAB: The Amylab FN is the safest, fastest, and simplest solution for detecting batches of sprouted grains. It can measure alpha-amylase activity in only 90 seconds using the Hagberg method and the new Testogram method. The Amylab FN applies the principles of the Hagberg method while using innovative technologies to guarantee the same results as with traditional instruments.

ALVEOLAB: Analyze the visco-elastic properties of wheat dough with the latest stateof- the-art evolution of the international reference. Measure water absorption, tenacity, extensibility, and baking strength of flours using an internationally recognized reference. Evaluate the behavior of dough during mixing: measure the plastic qualities of wheat and flour under constant or adapted hydration.

MIXOLAB 2: Measures dough characteristics during mixing process as well as protein and starch quality. Compliant with international standards (ICC 173/1, AACC 54-60.01, NF V03-765) and with patented innovations, the Mixolab analyses dough behavior during mixing and heating. It is the only standardized apparatus that comprehensively analyzes dough undergoing temperature rise.

CHOPIN Technologies will also present a total of five posters.
• “Evolution of flour properties during storage under different temperatures” (P-2601)
• “Wheat Flour Solvent Retention Capacity: repeatability and Reproducibility Performances of a NewAutomated Measurement Method” (P-2802)
• “Hagberg falling number measurement: new machine versus conventional machine” (P-2805)
• “Comparison of the performance of thermally treated wheat flour during test baking low and high ratiocake formulations” (P-404)
• “Impact of Salt Reduction on the rheological properties of wheat dough” (P-205)

Plus, visitors are invited to participate in the Calling All Pros competition to put their expertise to the test by guessing the ash content and the Testogram falling number prediction value in a flour sample. Whoever comes closest to the actual reading using Unity and CHOPIN analyzers takes home a brand-new Go Pro Hero Session.

To learn more about the KPM Analytics companies, visit, or

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About CHOPIN Technologies
Headquartered in Villeneuve-la-Garenne, France, the CHOPIN Technologies products focus on compositional and functional analysis in cereals, flours, and their derivatives. CHOPIN Technologies products provide exceptional results and are used across the globe to ensure operational specifications, regulatory compliance and quality standards are met. CHOPIN Technologies has additional offices in Kansas City, KS, USA and Beijing, China. For more information, visit

About Unity Scientific
With industry-leading expertise in near infrared (NIR) technology, Unity Scientific products are used for quality control applications within production processes and laboratory environments. Unity’s premium analytical instrumentation serves a wide range of end markets such as food & dairy, agriculture and environmental. Headquarters are in Milford, MA, USA with additional offices in Weiler Bei Bingen, Germany. To learn more, visit

About KPM Analytics
The operating companies that make up KPM Analytics have come together because of their industry-leading application expertise in the food, agriculture and environmental sectors. Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation, CHOPIN Technologies and most recently AMS Alliance are all recognized for deep application knowledge and superior support. The companies now stand as a strategic group with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems. Through this united approach, our customers big and small will be better served with a broader, more robust scientific instrumentation offering supported by a global network. Visit to learn more.