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Unity Scientific Annnounces Appointment of Jerry Workman

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Unity Scientific Annnounces Appointment of Jerry Workman

Brookfield, CT, March, 2011 – Unity Scientific, LLC announces the appointment of Jerry Workman, Ph.D., as Executive Vice President of Engineering. Jerry comes to Unity with 27 years of senior level experience in the analytical instrument industry in a variety of design, senior scientist, product management and lead research roles. He has an extensive background in X-ray to GHz spectroscopy; Vacuum UV, UV-Vis-NIR, NIR, Raman, MHz, RF, microwave, GC-IR, LC-IR, GC-MS-IR, PAS-IR, HATRIR, FL, AAS, GFAS, ICP, HPLC, GC, MS, NMR, microspectroscopy, process spectroscopy, imaging, hyperspectral imaging, data fusion process monitoring, and multivariate data analysis. Jerry has lead many successful technical projects, including electronic and optical equipment development, algorithm design and development, device and instrument design, and software development projects for companies such as Perstorp Analytical, ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly Thermo Electron), KimberlyClark Corporation, Perkin-Elmer Corporation, Argose, Inc., and Hitachi Instruments.

Doug Evans, President of Unity Scientific states, “The addition of Jerry Workman to our already talented engineering group is a major advancement in our goal to move not just the NIR technology platform forward but to offer across the board the most innovative hardware and software designs available today. Jerry has held many key senior technology positions within major instrument companies and his expertise in the field of NIR will have an immediate impact within the company to further increase our productivity and profits. Jerry’s extensive knowledge and experience have earned him unrivaled respect within the NIR community for his ingenuity in optical design and overall command of chemometrics. We expect great benefits to our entire product line further reinforcing our position as a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic instrumentation.”

Jerry has authored over 450 scientific papers, produced over 125 major proprietary corporate research technical reports, and has been part of 30 invention disclosures/patents in his career. He will be based in the new Unity Scientific corporate headquarters located in Brookfield, Connecticut (1 hour from New York City).

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