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SpectraStar XTs on our company network not compatible
Posted: 11 January 2017 08:14 AM

We just got our second XT and it will not connect to our company network.  I have plugged in the ethernet cable and I get flashing lights in the socket, so the instrument is communicating with our company network.  I cannot get to the internet nor to any network resources on the XT.

We need to be able to share data from this instrument.  Is this a Unity issue or one for our IT people?


Posted: 11 January 2017 08:18 AM   [ # 1 ]

Hello Shonda,

The initial release of the SpectraStar XT had a default common computer name in the Windows 7 installation on the computer.  Most computer networks will not allow 2 computers of the same name on the network, and I suspect that this is the problem.

Please follow the instructions attached to change the name of the computer in Windows.  Then plug the XT back into the network and I think it will be properly connected.  Please respond or call me if this does not work.

Best regards,

File Attachments
UHS_-_Rename_SpectraStar_Computer.pdf  (File Size: 726KB - Downloads: 503)

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