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Cultured Product Production


Cultured Product Production

Cultured yogurt analysisCultured dairy products are dairy products that have been inoculated with a bacterial culture to improve its nutritional and taste qualities while improving shelf life.  Cultured dairy products include a wide variety of yogurts, sour cream, buttermilk, and many regional cultured products. 

The bacteria used to create these products are lactobacillus, lactococcus and other strains which convert the lactose to lactic acid and create the desired texture and taste.  Various strains of cultures have unique taste and texture profiles.  Some yogurts and other products also add strains of bifidus for claimed digestive health benefits.  Many yogurts are sold with a specified nutritional content based on fat and protein levels.

The final cultured product is highly reflective of the quality of the input ingredients as well as the cultures used to process the product.  Natural variations in the raw milk and active cultures complicate the process.  It is very important that the producer have tight monitoring and control over these parameters to ensure a consistent end product. 

Unity Scientific has ready to use solutions for monitoring both the incoming and in-process samples as well as assessing lactic acid activity and renneting properties of cultures, key parameters in the production of cultured products.  These solutions will provide the input required for better control of the process, more efficient product with less re-work, and higher profits.

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