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Dairy Analyzer


Dairy Analyzer

The Dairy Analyzer is a versatile solution for the rapid, at-line analysis of a wide variety of dairy products.

At-Line Ready

The Unity Dairy Analyzer has a sealed case with no air filter or fan and is robust enough to use at-line or in a laboratory.  At-line placement near dryers and mixers allows for rapid measuments and immediate feedback to control the process. 


Several models of the Dairy Analyzer are available, with various configurations to suit your analytical requirements.

  • The Dairy Powders Analyzer comes ready to use with Unity calibrations for non-fat dry and whole milk powders along with WPC, MPC 56 and MPC70 powders and includes 1 year calibration support.
  • The Dairy Analyzer package adds calibrations for ice cream mix, salted and unsalted butter and cheese.
  • The Whey Processing Analyzer comes complete with calibrations for liquid whey along with various protein powders.

Quick Payback

Fast, accurate analysis is critical for milk processors to optimize their process, minimize re-work, and ensure quality of finished products. Optimizing the process will save the plant time and money and provide very rapid payback.

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