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Smart SamplerThe SmartSampler™ is the perfect solution for customers who run large numbers of samples. The SmartSampler allows forage labs, seed breeders, agri labs, and any customer who runs hundreds of samples per day to load a batch of samples for unattended analysis. Once a batch of samples are loaded and the instrument started, the operator is free to perform other tasks, saving valuable time.

The SmartSampler is designed to work with the SpectraStar XL top window platform and uses the traditional ring cup, a standard in the Agri industry for the past 30 years. Once placed on the instrument, the sample cup is rotated for improved accuracy. Customers who choose the SpectraStar XL and SmartSampler can use their current ring sample cups, saving money.

The system works by loading the ring cups into the towers of the SmartSampler. Each of the three towers can contain up to 24 samples, for a total of 72 samples. A batch method is then programmed into the InfoStar software to define the samples and their locations. Multiple sample types can be loaded and predicted against their appropriate calibration models. All results from the SpectraStar are stored by batch run and by product type in Excel format.

Including scanning time, each sample is analyzed in less than 1 minute, allowing for high throughput and efficiency of 60 samples per hour. Existing SpectraStar XL systems can be easily retrofitted to incorporate the SmartSampler.

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