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The NEW SMARTCHEM® 600 is the top performing discrete analyzer on the market.  


The SMARTCHEM 600 has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of high throughput labs while reducing the overall cost of analysis. Thanks to its loading capacity (200 samples, 100 reagents) and its capacity of 600 tests/hour, the SMARTCHEM 600 is the best solution for medium to large laboratories with its incomparable capacity and efficiency. Barcode readers, ready to use reagents with unique inventory management, connectivity … everything has been designed to optimize both the performance and the autonomy of the SMARTCHEM 600, which will reduce the preparation time of your analyses.

FeaturesSMARTCHEM 600

  • 600 tests per hour
  • 200 samples capacity with continuous loading
  • Automatic startup and calibration routine
  • Unlimited number of unattended tests
  • Barcode reading for samples and reagents
  • No disposable cuvettes
  • Long-life cuvettes with integrated wash & control station
  • Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis
  • ISE module for pH, conductivity and redox analysis
  • Capped tubes
  • New software with touch screen
  • Bi-directional LIMS ready
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Green technology

The discrete technology flexibility allows the operator to safely combine the analyses and the parameters in all kind of sample matrices.  Hundreds of ready to use Standard and EPA methods are available for most common ions, organic acids, minerals and sugars.  The SMARTCHEM 600 is ideal for larger laboratories serving the environmental, municipal water, agricultural and waste water markets.  A list of common parameters for each application is listed below at the bottom of the page. 

The SMARTCHEM 600 is the most capable analyzer on the market, optimized to provide reliable and accurate analysis trouble-free. It uses the latest innovations of discrete technology in order to offer more flexibility, more precision, more simplicity, more rapidly, and finally, better results.

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Available Methods

Acidity Alkalinity* Aluminum Ammonia*
Chloride* Chlorine Chromium* Cyanide*
Hardness* Iron Manganese Nitrate*
Phenol* Phosphate* Phosphorous* Silicate*
Sulfate* Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen* Urea  
Glucose Fructose Sucrose Malic Acid
Tartric Acid Acetic Acid Gluconic Acid Iron
Copper Total Acidity Free SO2 Total SO2
PANOPA Ammonia Ethanol(TVA) OD 420
OD 520 OD 620 Ascorbic Acid Sorbic Acid
Ammonia Boron Calcium Chloride
Lysine Magnesium Nitrate Nitrite
Phosphate Total Nitrogen Total Phosphorous Urea
Calcium Chloride Phosphate Ammonia
Protein Total Nitrogen Total Phosphorous Urea
Ammonia Calcium Phosphate Total Nitrogen
Total Phosphorous Urea    
Ammonia Chloride Cyanide for Smoke Formaldehyde for Smoke
Nicotine Nitrate Phosphate  


* follows EPA, ISO approved methods