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Trusted Solutions for the Food Industry

Trusted Solutions for the Food Industry

Trusted Solutions for the Food Industry

Cookie PlantReduce Waste and Re-Work!

accurate, reliable analytical analysis of raw materials and final products in 30 seconds!


Rapid, accurate analysis of incoming raw ingredients and of in-process final products is necessary to minimize waste and improve final product quality.  Traditional methods of analysis are often inaccurate and slow, minimizing the value in a food production environment.

SpectaStar XTUnity Food Analyzer

The Unity Food Analyzer, based on the new SpectraStar XT, is an at-line ready near-infrared analyzer that can predict moisture, oil, protein, sugar, ash and other parameters in 30 seconds.  The Food Analyzer provides near real-time analytical data for multiple parameters on the production floor, enabling responsive process control and maximizing production efficiency.

  • Best performance in the industry means data you can count on
  • Sealed case and TRUE Alignment®  Spectroscopy alignment ensures reliable operation at-line
  • Calibrations for most products and ingredients available for rapid implementation
  • Made in USA for unmatched quality and reliability

Using Food AnalyzerEasy Operation

The Unity Food analyzer is perfect for the production environment, where personnel cover multiple roles and transfer often.  The touch screen design and intuitive operation make the Food Analyzer easy to implement and maintain on your production floor.

  • Touch screen monitor and intuitive graphical software ensures easy operation at-line
  • Minimal training required and operator-independent results for easy implementation in production line
  • Simply fill the sample cup and press a button - results for all parameters appear in approximately 30 seconds
  • SPC charts available for product quality trending

Designed to Solve Your Analytical Problems!

The Unity Food Analyzer is designed for today's manufacturing environments, where ease of use, reliability and performance are critical to the success of an analytical solution.  The Food Analyzer is ready to become the cornerstone of your quality and process control programs. 

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KPM AnalyticsUnity Scientific is part of KPM Analytics, a strategic group of analytical companies with a common passion for providing solutions and solving our customer’s most challenging problems in the food, agricultural and industrial markets.  Some selected products from our sister companies are below. 

MCT466-SF from Process Sensors CorporationMCT466-SF

The MCT466-SF is a reliable and robust on-line NIR tester for use in harsh manufacturing environments. The MCT466-SF is routinely used for moisture and oil/fat, though other parameters are available.

  • Simultaneous, real-time measurements
  • Continuous and non-destructive technology
  • Designed for challenging manufacturing conditions
  • Heat resistant up to 80ºC (176ºF)
  • Wash down tolerant

Many environmental and communication options are available for easy integration into your process. 

At-line moisture gauges designed for quick off-line sampling are also available.

Mixolab 2Mixolab 2 from Chopin Technologies

The Mixolab 2 analyzes the performance characteristics of dough during mixing to ensure you have the best flour and ingredients for your application.  It measures the quality of starch and protein while evaluating the interactions with other components such as enzymes and other ingredients.  

For Millers, Bakers and Snack Food Producers, the Mixolab 2 predicts flour behavior and applies the results against known performance standards allowing selection of the best flour and ingredients for specific products and processes.

Ingredient Manufacturers find the Mixolab 2 provides rapid insight into product performance speeding up and optimizing formulation.  Gluten Free Bakers are able to evaluate and compare components then compare their product’s characteristics to wheat based products quickly and efficiently. Click here for more information.


IFT17Please come see us at IFT17 in Las Vegas!

Unity Scientific, Process Sensors Corporation and Chopin Technologies will each have technical experts on hand in Booth 2414 at IFT17 in Las Vegas June 26 - 29th.  

Please stop by booth 2414 to meet our teams and find out how our analyzers can help solve your analytical problems!  Ask us about free tickets to the Expo!
We look forward to meeting you.