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Unity Scientific Updates Dairy Analyzer

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Unity Scientific Updates Dairy Analyzer

Unity Scientific® has created an update to the Dairy Analyzer packages available on the SpectraStar™ XT platform. The updates include new calibrations for dairy powders, adding robustness and improved accuracy of the analytical results.

To deliver true plug-and-play performance, Unity Scientific offers various analyzer packages containing all of the calibrations and sampling accessories needed to deliver reliable results right out the box. All of these analyzer packages are based on the SpectraStar XT spectrophotometer which delivers industry leading performance in an intuitive stand-alone touchscreen instrument. The sealed case makes it ideal for dusty environments like production floors. All SpectraStar XT models include TRUE ALIGNMENT® Spectroscopy (TAS) for reliable instrument alignment and calibration transfer.

The Dairy Analyzer packages contain calibrations for dairy powders including non-fat dry and whole milk powders along with WPC, MPC 56 and MPC70. Many of these calibrations have recently been updated with samples from Asia and North America; and a revised liquid whey calibration is also available. The calibration updates have improved the robustness and reliability of the models, while also increasing the accuracy to levels approximating the error of the reference methods. In a recent customer trial of milk powders, standard errors of prediction for a validation set were 0.09, 0.36, 0.34 and 0.08 for moisture, fat, protein and ash content, respectively. As with all high-performance near infrared (NIR) analyzers, the predicted results are highly repeatable with typical precision below 0.1%.

All Unity calibrations are based on PLS models using the recently released UCal™ 4 calibration package. In contrast to global ANN calibrations containing very large sample datasets (usually in the 10s of thousands), PLS calibrations produce highly accurate and repeatable calibrations and can be easily adapted to samples from a particular region or production process with a low number of reference samples. UCal 4 includes an updated PLS algorithm called variance-scaled PLS, an enhanced version of the classic PLS which scales the calibration sample spectra to increase precision without decreasing accuracy.

All Unity Dairy analyzer packages have been updated to the new calibrations and can be customized to local samples for ultimate performance on any dairy powders. For more information, see the Unity Dairy Analyzer.