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SpectraStar™ 2400 Introduced

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SpectraStar™ 2400 Introduced

Purcellville, VA – August, 2005 – Unity Scientific, Inc., a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced the SpectraStar 2400 NIR analyzer that offers fast, accurate analysis of agricultural, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and industrial samples. The SpectraStar 2400 scans the essential portion of the NIR spectrum from 1200-2400nm. Its new design guarantees higher accuracy and precision than older systems. The SpectraStar 2400’s accuracy closely approaches the accuracy of the wet chemical methods that it replaces. Its precision is almost always better than wet chemistry.

The SpectraStar 2400 can be delivered with a sample drawer or top window option. Both configurations offer a large measuring area to minimize analysis time. The system is self contained with a built-in PC and large touch screen display. NIR test results are displayed within seconds using the easy-to-use InfoStar™ routine analysis software. The 2400 is extremely rugged, exceptionally dependable and simple to operate.

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