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Unity Scientific Presents at IDRC 2016!

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Unity Scientific Presents at IDRC 2016!

IDRC 2016Unity Scientific congratulates two outstanding researchers in the field of spectroscopy on their recent awards at the 2016 IDRC in Chambersburg, PA.

Jean-Michel Roger from the Research Group Irstea - SupAgro in France received the Tomas Hirschfeld Award, sponsored by ICNIRS, and presented “How to use the projections in the row and in the column spaces” to discuss various spectral treatments for optimizing the signals.  More information can be found here. Our own Dr. Arnold Eilert was recipient of this award in 1991!

Dr. Eric B. Brauns from the University of Idaho received the Gerald S. Birth Award and presented “Mid-Infrared Diffuse Reflection on Ultrafast Time Scales.".  More information can be found here.

Along with presenting the SpectraStar XT, Dr. Jerry Workman chaired a session entitled "Instrumentation Advances for Diffuse Reflectance."  Dr. Workman presented ""The theory and practice of building instruments for DR measurements" and Dr. Arnold Eilert presented "Practical experiences with a variety of instrumentation for DR measurements" during this session. The presentations are linked in below.

IDRC is sponsored by CNIRS, whose website can be found here.  Congratulations to the award winners and the organizers for a very exciting and informative conference!